Oceanview lot in Nagua, Maria Trinidad Sanchez

US $ 350,000.00

Vacant lot with an area of 1.8 acres in the Nagua- Samana highway. Ideal for commercial use. Next to a gas station and a plaza. Nagua is the capital of Maria Trinidad Sanchez province, facing the Atlantic Ocean. The town’s economy is based in agriculture, particularly rice and coconuts.


  • Address Nagua-Samana highway, municipality of Nagua, Maria Trinidad Sanchez
  • PriceUS $ 350,000.00
  • Type Vacant land
  • Area in square meters 7,457.89
  • LocationNagua
  • Cadastral Designation

    Lot No. 268-A, Cadastral District No. 2, Nagua, with an area of 7,457.89 square meters.