Commercial lot next to gas station at the entrance of Manga Larga, La Vega

US $ 330,000.00

2.3 acres of vacant land ideal for commercial use due to its location next to Duarte’s Highway (79 linear meters facing the highway) and La Penda Shell gas station, close to other commercial lands and industries.   Duarte’s Highway is one of the five major highways in the DR, connecting the north region to Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic.


  • Address Duarte's Highway, at the entrance of Manga Larga, La Vega
  • PriceUS $ 330,000.00
  • Type Vacant land
  • Area in square meters 9,128.52
  • LocationLa Vega
  • Cadastral Designation

    313336392459, La Vega, with an area of 9,128.52 square meters