Cattle Farm in Rio Seco, La Vega

US $ 775,500.00

123 acres (approx. 498,000 square meters) of land ideal for cattle farm and agriculture. Highly productive with extensive pasture, cross-fenced with entrance gate, including a cattle barn, a cattle food storage improvement and a single-story building all with tin roof. Located in Rio Seco’s town and close to other highly productive agricultural land and industries, including La Vega free zone. The main access road is paved and the zone includes water and electrical services. It’s an ideal location in La Vega, a central province in the Cibao region, which is well known for its large agricultural and cattle farm production thanks to its very fertile land.


  • Address Callejon de Cindo, La Vega-Moca Highway, Rio Seco, La Vega, Dominican Republic
  • PriceUS $ 775,500.00
  • Type Vacant land
  • Area in square meters 497,338.50
  • LocationLa Vega
  • Cadastral Designation

    Lot 94-B-1, Cadastral District 03, La Vega, with an area of 91,453 square meters.
    Lot 163, Cadastral District 03, La Vega, with an area of 92,000 square meters.
    Lot 93, Cadastral District 03, La Vega, with an area of 10,663 square meters.
    Lot 313390450783, La Vega, with an area of 73,588.50 square meters.
    Lot 73, Cadastral District 03, with an area of 229,634.00 square meters.